For partners

We are looking for partners in the following spheres:

  • in the field of scientific research: for study of new mechanisms of self-organization and evolution processes to improve quality and operation effectiveness of our systems;
  • among technology and software engineering companies: companies that want to create their own products and technologies for operation in real time, which can be easily integrated with our developments;
  • among consulting companies: partners, who have deep knowledge and experience in various application fields and can help to start new nishe products and open new markets;
  • among entrepreneurs and businessmen: people with advanced business and technology vision who are ready to put into practice joint innovative projects, including projects from our roadmap and basket of newbusiness-ideas;
  • among developers - people, ready to use our platform and framework for own products development;
  • among academics and universities – organizations that are ready to cooperate on R&D in the area of new generation of intelligent systems and use our training courses on multi-agent technologies;
  • and any other companies interested in development of new smartsolutions that allow to make the world a better place.

We consider cooperation with our partners as a most efficient way of doing business.