Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Smart Factory - multi-agent intrashop real-time scheduling system

Developed system is made for workshop resourcescheduling and optimization in real time including workers, equipment, materials and other.

This system was created for a large-scale airspace enterprise and can be applied for any works, that require individual approach to each article production, articles nomenclature of which is constantly changing, have small production batches, require high workers qualification, have to deal with multiple unexpected situations and require high efficiency and flexibility in product realization.

For this problem solving there was created a solution, which allows to represent scgedule as a network of operations where agent of each operation knows who are on the right or left, that allows easily change the plan in case of events arising. At the same time it’s possible to use different planning strategies from “just-in-time” to as soon as possible or as cheap as possible, etc. Its expected that system implementation will allow to increase workshop efficiency by 15-20%.

Further system development includes adaptive network of workshop schedulers that, working separately and autonomously, will have opportunity to compete and cooperate according to scheme p2p (peer-to-peer) using enterprise service bus. In this case for the first time itll be demonstrated co-evolution of self-organized systems for enterprise resource management in real time.

Smart Solutions settled a contract with Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to develop an intelligent distributed network-based machine building workshops management system as the next stage of development of the pilot Smart Factory software. Samara State Airspace University, OJSC Kuznetsov and OJSC OBORONPROM take part in the project. The project will include operational testing, preliminary and acceptance testing of the developed distributed system in the workshops of OJSC Kuznetsov during the real production process. If successful the system will be widely used at other factories of OBORONPROM, and a wide range of other factories.

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