Smart Truck

Smart Truck

Smart Truck - multi-agent inter-city transportations system

This project is created for the customer, that has central office in Moscow and more than dozen of branches throughout the country. The company manages transportations by usage of own fleet of 100+ trucks, equipped with GPS devices, and external carriers.

Monthly company receives hundreds and thousands of orders for electronics, food, drinks and other products transportation.

To maximize effectiveness of truck utilization for trips from Moscow to regions and back it’s necessary to find backhaul loads as well as take into account contract details, minimum delivery time, minimize possible risks and penalties and etc.

To solve this complex problem we developed a multi- agent system that supports coordinated fleet scheduling by managers from central and branch offices(download more detailed description - file Smart Truck 2.3).


During new order planning manager simultaneously can see new trucks in his region to find backhauls for them or can use these trucks to deliver his cargoes. The System allocates orders to the most suitable available trucks and in the absence of them – it figures out conflicts with already allocated cargos and tries to move orders or reallocate resources by shifting, dropping or swapping orders. The system reschedules interdependent operations in case if deviation was found between planned and actual states of resources.

The system is able to automatically monitor and control business processes of order receipt, cargo loading/unloading by contacting with driver through mobile phone, at that driver has to give signals of certain operation beginning and end.

The System is integrated with 1C to prepare related financial documents and also generates required business reports of each division effectiveness for managers and directors in real time.

User interfaces:

List of orders:


Transportation map:


Order input:


Drivers schedule (in the form of Gantt chart):


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