Smart Risks

Smart Risks
As the result of financial crisis the range of European Governments had to restrict the rules applied to financial and insurance companies particularly in the field of operating risks analysis and control.

These risks appear because of company structure features and applied business processes (roles distribution, staff qualification, forms of reports and etc.), IT- infrastructure (computer and server breakages, viruses and etc.) and other features of everyday work.

Currently by the order of Dynamic IT Solutions company we are developing a multi-agent system for operating risks analysis which uses ontology and company scene built from company operative data bases, to analyze operating risks, ifthey strengthen or relax. At the same time agents of separate risks in accordance with the incoming events can jointly find and activate each other and finally make decision about what risk becomes more or less critical, and immediately inform responsible managers.

This system can be successfully applied for many moderncompanies that are more dependent on smooth IT infrastructure functioning: from e-government systems to web-shops.

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