Smart Airport

Smart Airport

Intelligent, Multiagent- and RFID-based Air Catering Systems (iC-RFID)

The major industrial objective of the project was to integrate RFID-enabled supply-chains for conventional novel air-catering and inflight service systems. The consortium was formed by the Airbus Cabin Innovation Centre (Hamburg), EADS Innovation Works (Munich / Hamburg) and the Centre of Applications of Intelligent Systems (CAIS) at Cologne University of Applied Sciences as well as a number of Airbus suppliers and Fraunhofer Institutes. The project has been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Industry and managed by DLR, the German Institute for Air- and Space Research and Technology.

In the iC-RFID project Smart Solutions worked as a subcontractor to CAIS being responsible for contributing intelligent methods and tools of RFID-supported real-time control of business processes as well as planning capabilities by the CESSAR demonstrator (Configuration and Evaluation of Service Systems for Air-Catering with RFID).

To CESSAR Smart Solutions contributed its proprietary development platform as well as a number of development services regarding the adaptation of the platform to particular needs of the application, among others the integration of CESSAR into a physical RFID-enabled mock-up for inflight service systems in the Airbus demonstrator hangar as well as services to the design and quality control of the MAS.

On the level of a functional demonstrator CESSAR enables designing and managing of parameterised inflight service concepts, fleets of aircrafts and their rotations (including the rotation of mobile catering equipment) in global airline flight schedules, of individual aircraft interiors (details of galleys), ground catering facilities including production-lines for types of catering objects and intermediate storages, airport apron field operations with details of streets, gates, aircraft clearance and working positions for services as well as basic interactions with other services such as baggage operations. Unplanned events may be introduced at any time and any resource.

Besides planning CESSAR offers capabilities of continuous planning triggered by unplanned events (basics of improvisation intelligence) as well as of evaluating and in positive case activating so-called B-plans as prepared by users for particularly specified operational problems (so-called assistant functionality). Furthermore CESSAR is able of economic evaluation and reporting employing concepts of activity based costing, resource utilisation measurement and penalties for infringements of service levels.

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